Solana (SOL) Hits 45-Day Low Amidst Market Downturn: Here’s Why


In the midst of a broader market decline, Solana (SOL), a leading blockchain platform renowned for its rapid and cost-effective transactions, has plunged to a 45-day trading low. This development has caused a stir within the crypto community, with many unsure about the asset’s short-term future.

Solana Underperforms Major Cryptocurrencies

Crypto analyst TOBTC highlighted this downturn on the X (formerly Twitter) platform. According to recent trading data, Solana has seen a significant drop, reflecting a major loss of investor confidence in the cryptocurrency sector as a whole.

TOBTC noted that Solana’s value has decreased by 24% since June 7, underperforming compared to other major cryptocurrencies. The data shows Solana lagging behind prominent networks like Ethereum, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Optimism.

This decline comes at a time when macroeconomic uncertainties and cautious trading behavior are causing increased volatility and selling pressure in the digital asset market. For SOL, which has already seen a decline from its previous highs, hitting a 45-day low marks a critical point that has sparked concerns about its near-term outlook.

TOBTC attributes this downturn to a combination of broad market weakness and specific challenges facing the Solana network, such as reduced on-chain activity, a lack of demand for leveraged positions, and competition from other smart contract-focused blockchains.

Without increased demand or institutional support, TOBTC suggests that SOL’s valuation could continue to fall, potentially dropping below the crucial $130 support level.

SOL’s failure to maintain an upward trajectory and overcome significant resistance levels also contributes to its decline. The asset has dropped from $161 to around $130 in the last week. However, there is some positive sentiment today, indicating potential for gains.

SOL Poised for Substantial Rise in Autumn

Despite the recent negative trend, Raoul Pal, CEO of Real Vision and a well-known cryptocurrency expert, remains optimistic about a potential rally for SOL in the short term.

On Tuesday, Pal predicted that the current price represents a good entry point for investors. “If you wanted a cheeky top-up of your SOL position, this would likely be a good entry zone,” he said.

Pal likened SOL’s potential growth to bananas ripening, expressing confidence that the digital asset could perform impressively in the upcoming autumn season.


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