RCO Finance (RCOF) Token Pre-Sale Records Massive Inflows, MoonBag, and BlockDAG Holders Left Behind?


A significant market shift occurs as investors flock to RCO Finance’s (RCOF) token presale. Why is interest in RCO FInance’s presale rising? And can Moonbag (MBAG) and BlockDAG (BDAG) holders switch to this new presale? The time to act is now, so stay tuned to find out!

RCO Finance Sells 36 Million Tokens In A Few Weeks

RCO Finance is currently experiencing a significant increase in presale token sales. So far, 36 million tokens, or 37% of the tokens available for sale in Stage 1 of the presale, have been sold. But why the heightened interest in RCOF?

One reason is the massive gains RCOF investors will earn when the presale ends. For example, by Stage 2, investors will earn an impressive 169% profit. Similarly, they will make up to 3000% of their initial profits by the end of the token presale.

Another key incentive to purchase RCOF is the privileges it offers within the RCO Finance ecosystem. Token holders enjoy discounted trading fees on the decentralized trading platform. They can invest in over 100,000 real-world assets (RWA), including ETFs, real estate, bonds, stocks, and perpetual derivatives, at a fraction of the cost.

Investors also gain exclusive access to the groundbreaking AI robo advisor. This advisor delivers personalized market insights and advice, saving investors time and money. For instance, it can recommend the best time to buy or sell Tesla stocks, maximizing profits and minimizing losses.

Finally, all these happen within a secure, protected, and vetted blockchain. Firstly, RCO Finance’s no-KYC policy prioritizes user anonymity and privacy. Also, the protocol’s smart contracts have been audited by SolidProof, a respected third-party auditor. They have undergone rigorous testing and code review and have been certified as adhering to industry best practices.

MoonBag Offers A Much Lower Profit Margin

MoonBag is a new meme coin that is currently running its presale. The presale has attracted some interest, with millions of tokens already sold.

However, experts say MBAG holders might have to reconsider their decision in light of RCOF’s emergence. This is because of the more attractive gains that RCOF investors are set to make. For example, RCOF holders earn a 169% gain between Stages 1 and 2. By Stage 3, they will have made a whopping 337% profit.

They will eventually benefit from an epic 3000% by RCO Finance’s launch. Conversely, MBAG holders will increase the value of their investment by just 900% between now and the launch.

Every crypto investor is concerned about profit. Therefore, MBAG holders can move to RCO Finance to stay caught up.

BlockDAG Holders Consider Maximizing Gains With RCOF

BlockDAG is another new crypto that has been generating some buzz recently. This is partly due to its extended presale. However, with the presale stage drawing to a conclusion, BlockDAG holders need to find other ways to increase the value of their portfolios.

An investor’s profit from purchasing DAG is around 250%. This is much smaller than the 3000% gain RCOF holders earn when the presale ends.

Experts say that BDAG holders who want to increase the value of their crypto assets must move to a profitable presale like RCOF’s. They will also get access to other features, like investing in thousands of other assets, boosting their profit potential significantly.

Buy RCOF And Increase Your Earnings

Buying RCOF opens the door to multiple earning opportunities. The most obvious is the presale gain. Stage 1 investors will see their portfolios grow by a whopping 3000% in the presale alone.

Another earning opportunity is by staking RCOF. Token holders can earn up to 88% APY when they stake RCOF. They will also contribute to the network’s stability.

Furthermore, RCOF holders can also earn by lending their assets. Lenders will get a share of the interest paid by the borrowers.

Additionally, RCOF holders can earn passive income from providing liquidity for trading pairs. This action facilitates decentralized trading while also rewarding the liquidity providers.

Finally, RCOF holders are entitled to a dividend as part of RCO Finance’s revenue-sharing program. However, the dividend varies based on the amount of tokens held.

Buy RCOF today to benefit from these numerous earning opportunities and grow your crypto portfolio.


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