Potential Bitcoin Price Drop as German Government Moves Seized BTC


Recent activities involving the German government have sparked concerns of a possible Bitcoin price drop. The crypto community is closely monitoring the situation.

@DaanCrypto shared on X, that the German government has transferred some of its Bitcoin holdings to major exchanges Kraken and Bitstamp. This movement has likely contributed to an increase in short positions and a minor decline in Bitcoin’s price observed earlier. The anticipation of a potential sell-off by the government has traders positioning themselves for a possible further drop in Bitcoin’s value.

ArkhamIntel posted earlier this year, stating, “The German Government is now on Arkham. The German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) seized almost 50,000 BTC ($2.12B at the time) from the operators of Movie2k.to, a film piracy website that was active in 2013. The BKA received the Bitcoin in mid-January after a ‘voluntary transfer’ from the suspects.”

The substantial amount of Bitcoin, around 50,000 BTC  now valued at approximately $3.2 billion, was seized from the operators of the Movie2k.to piracy website. This development raises concerns about a potential sell-off that could significantly impact Bitcoin’s market price.

Traders and investors are advised to stay vigilant and monitor the situation closely as further movements by the government could lead to increased market volatility.


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