Mark Cuban: SEC Chair Gary Gensler has not Protected a Single Investor Against Crypto Fraud


With Donald Trump voicing support for cryptocurrencies, Mark Cuban emphasized the urgent need for clear regulatory frameworks. Cuban took aim at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), particularly Chair Gary Gensler, criticizing their strict and fragmented regulatory strategies.

Highlighting the growing significance of cryptocurrencies, especially among younger demographics and independent voters, Cuban lamented the lack of investor protection measures introduced by the SEC. He accused Gensler of obstructing legitimate crypto businesses, potentially causing harm to numerous enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Trump, in contrast, pledged a favorable environment for crypto investors, portraying the Democratic stance as anti-crypto. He promised to avoid using regulatory authority to stifle the industry.

In a recent post, Cuban urged Congress to provide regulatory clarity for the crypto sphere before the 2024 Presidential election. He suggested that doing so could bolster Biden’s chances of reelection, proposing tailored legislation for crypto registration similar to other industries.

As a comprehensive solution, Cuban advocated for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to assume control over crypto regulation. He expressed confidence in the CFTC’s expertise, stating, “They actually know what they are doing.”


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