Franklin Templeton’s Ethereum ETF Makes Waves on DTCC, Hinting SEC Approval


The journey toward regulatory approval for Ethereum-based Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) in the United States has taken another intriguing turn as Franklin Templeton’s Ethereum Spot ETF ticker recently surfaced on the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) list. This development, marked by the appearance of the ticker symbol EZET on the DTCC’s official website, has set tongues wagging within the cryptocurrency and investment communities, with many interpreting it as a potential harbinger of forthcoming approval from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for Ethereum ETFs.

Franklin Templeton’s foray into the ETF arena with its proposed Ethereum Spot ETF has been closely watched, particularly against the backdrop of the SEC’s ongoing deliberations on the matter. Following the green light given to Spot Bitcoin ETFs earlier, market observers have been eagerly anticipating the possibility of Ethereum ETFs gaining approval, with Ethereum often touted as the next logical choice for such investment vehicles after Bitcoin.

Despite significant interest and applications from heavyweight financial services firms like BlackRock, Grayscale, VanEck, and Fidelity for Ethereum Spot ETFs, the SEC has consistently postponed its decision-making process. In a recent filing on April 23, the regulatory body announced an extension of the evaluation period for the proposed Ethereum Spot ETFs from Franklin Templeton and Grayscale, setting a new deadline of June 11 for a final decision.

This extended deliberation period aligns with the cautious sentiments expressed by industry experts and insiders. Notably, analysts from Standard Chartered and VanEck CEO, Jan Van Eck, have voiced skepticism regarding the imminent approval of Ethereum Spot ETFs by the SEC. The uncertainties surrounding regulatory approval have led to varied prognostications, with Senior Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas indicating a relatively low probability of approval at just 25% as of March.

Nevertheless, the recent inclusion of Franklin Templeton’s Ethereum Spot ETF on the DTCC list has reignited hopes within the crypto community, albeit with tempered expectations. It’s important to note that such listings serve as preliminary steps in the ETF trading process and do not guarantee approval from the SEC, which retains ultimate authority over the authorization of investment products.

The precedent set by previous events adds complexity to the interpretation of DTCC listings. For instance, the DTCC had previously listed BlackRock’s proposed Spot Bitcoin ETF, sparking similar speculation about impending SEC approval. However, the subsequent removal of BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF from the DTCC platform underscored the nuanced nature of such listings, clarifying that they do not constitute official endorsements from regulatory authorities.

As stakeholders eagerly await the SEC’s verdict on Ethereum Spot ETFs, the broader cryptocurrency market remains vigilant, recognizing the potential approval as a significant milestone in the maturation of the digital asset ecosystem. The outcome of the SEC’s decision will not only shape the trajectory of Ethereum ETFs but also have broader implications for the integration of cryptocurrencies into traditional investment frameworks.


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