Ethereum Whale Acquires ETH Valued at $166 Million Within Three Days


Reports have emerged indicating that a substantial Ethereum (ETH) investor has made a noteworthy investment, procuring $166 million worth of ETH within merely three days. As per recent disclosures from Spot On Chain, the identity-concealed investor has demonstrated an active interest in acquiring substantial quantities of ETH, utilizing prominent platforms such as Binance and 1inch for their transactions.

Specifics outlined by Spot On Chain underscore that the most recent acquisition by the investor entailed a considerable sum of 10.01 million USDT, which was utilized to purchase 3,413 ETH at an estimated rate of $2,933 per ETH approximately nine hours ago. This recent procurement forms part of a broader acquisition spree, wherein the investor has collectively acquired 58,134 ETH at an average rate of approximately $2,850 per ETH over the past three days.

Amidst fervent speculation and interest within the cryptocurrency community, the remaining balance of 19.89 million USDT in the investor’s possession hints at the potential continuation of their market engagements. There exists a notable likelihood that this balance may be utilized for further ETH acquisitions, consequently exerting continued influence on market dynamics.

Ethereum’s price trajectory anticipates further advancement

The ramifications of such substantial transactions are considerable. Presently, the market price of Ethereum stands at $2,919, denoting a marginal uptick of 0.14% within the last 24 hours. More significantly, ETH has witnessed a noteworthy surge of 17.94% over the past 30 days, indicating a resurgence of interest and optimism surrounding the cryptocurrency. Moreover, the Ethereum market is witnessing an overall escalation in activity.

The 24-hour trading volume for ETH has experienced a substantial increase of 45.18%, currently standing at $21.21 billion. This heightened level of activity signifies a vibrant and engaging market landscape for Ethereum. Further insights from CoinGlass divulge a 1.02% rise in Open Interest in Ethereum over the past day, aggregating to $10.58 billion.

A considerable portion of this interest is concentrated within major exchanges, with Binance leading at $2.63 billion, followed by Bybit at $1.65 billion, and OKX at $864.89 million, among others. In summation, the actions of this Ethereum investor and the ensuing market dynamics serve as a poignant reminder of the significant impact that large-scale transactions can wield upon the market.


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