DogLibre Launches Pre-Sale to Revolutionize Dog Care Industry with Meme-Powered Utility Token


Global, 15, April 2024: DogLibre, the pioneering meme-powered project dedicated to transforming the global dog care industry, will commence its highly anticipated Pre-Sale on Monday, April 15th, at 1pm UTC. 

With an inspiring vision to liberate and support dogs worldwide, and with its early backers bringing extensive experience from renowned Web3 projects including DeFi, DAOs, layer 2 blockchains, and gaming metaverses, DogLibre combines the viral power of memes with blockchain technology to create a transparent and decentralized platform for dog lovers, globally. 

The Pre-Sale offers an exciting opportunity for individuals to support this most worthy cause while participating in the anticipated growth of the project overall, its community, and the $DOGL token.

“DogLibre recognizes the immense potential of the meme market and aims to harness it for a meaningful purpose,” says Lee Lin Liew, DogLibre’s Project Lead. “While meme-powered projects have garnered significant attention in recent years, few have offered real utility and purpose. With DogLibre, we aim to change this by revolutionizing the dog care industry through disruptive technologies, innovative initiatives and community-driven solutions.”

DogLibre prioritizes the enhancement of canine well-being on a global scale. With a core mission of rescuing and nurturing stray dogs, the project will incorporate authentic footage of these animals for a personalized experience. Additionally, DogLibre commits to advancing dog welfare research, establishing dog daycare centers, and offering exclusive ‘conversations with dogs’ podcasts.

The $DOGL token, launched from Ethereum, the world’s largest dApp development ecosystem and smart contract platform, boasts significant utility values. Upgrades to the Ethereum ecosystem are expected to address scalability and gas fee concerns, ensuring a seamless user experience. Furthermore, limited edition NFTs minted on Ethereum will represent rescued strays, providing digital representations that accrue rewards within the metaverse and can be traded among owners.

The Pre-Sale will feature 8% of the total $DOGL supply, providing early participants with an opportunity to acquire tokens at an initial price of $0.00000050. This strategic token breakdown is designed to promote both immediate market cap growth and long-term sustainability. Staking rewards, comprising 15% of the token supply, will be released gradually over two years, ensuring a fair distribution and preventing coin centralization. Additionally, DogLibre employs quadratic voting and anti-whale mechanisms to foster a democratic decision-making process within the community.

Infusing meme culture with tangible benefits, DogLibre’s comprehensive ecosystem will encompass various facets of pet care, AI integration, walk-to-earn incentives, physical facilities, gamified NFTs, play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse and mobile gaming, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance, a cutting-edge decentralized application (dApp), and more. 

“While memes serve as the foundation of our project, our focus on purpose and utility-driven initiatives sets DogLibre apart in the meme market,” explains Liew. “Our strategic partnerships and innovative features, such as NFT gamification and play-to-earn gaming ecosystems, provide tangible benefits for both dog lovers and the wider community.”

Behind DogLibre’s ambitious vision lies an incredible group of experienced professionals who are leading the pack and affectionately known within the project as the Stray Savior Squad (SSS). Comprising individuals with years of experience at renowned DAOs, gaming metaverses, layer 2, P2P and Defi platforms,, the SSS is dedicated to saving strays in a transparent manner. Rumored to be part of the K9 Defense Force*, the SSS includes early backers who have adopted stray NFTs and are committed to the success of DogLibre from a humanitarian standpoint.

Early project backers include:

  • Lee Lin Liew – Former Advisor, CMO of Decentral Games, Decentraland. Mentor of R3 and Outliers Venture Capital;
  • Mudit Gupta – CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) of Polygon. Tech Partner of Delta Fund;
  • Ray Youssef – Founder of noones and Paxful;
  • Jocelyn Chang – Former Growth Lead of MakerDAO;
  • ‘Bella’ – CMO of ZKSync/ Head of Marketing of Matter Labs and former CMO of Sushi Swap;
  • Stefan George – Co-founder and CTO of Gnosis; Gnosis Pay, Safe, Gnosis Chain, Cow Swap, Karpatkey;
  • Sam Hamilton – Former Head of Content and Creative Director of Decentraland;
  • Steve Becerra – Co-founder and CTO of Decentral Games.

“With our early backers’ diverse expertise and deep understanding of blockchain technology and the meme market, DogLibre is poised to revolutionize the dog care industry,” concludes Liew. “Together, we are committed to building a sustainable ecosystem that empowers dog lovers and improves the lives of dogs worldwide.”

For more information about DogLibre and to participate in the Pre-Sale, visit


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