Crypto Enthusiasts: The Heroes We Didn’t Know We Needed


In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, I found an  article about a study that claims to have uncovered a dark side to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, associating them with traits from the ominous-sounding “dark tetrad” – a combination of Machiavellianism, narcissism, psychopathy, and sadism. This revelation, although intriguing, raises questions about the inherent biases and potentially one-sided perspective of the study. Let’s embark on a more extensive exploration of these claims, to unravel the mystery behind the so-called “dark” personalities driving crypto enthusiasm.

The article we are talking about is titled:  ‘Impulsive psychopaths like crypto’: research shows how ‘dark’ personality traits affect Bitcoin enthusiasm

Dark tetrad personality traits that shape crypto enthusiasts personality according to study

  1. Machiavellian Mavens: Distrustful Revolutionaries or Savvy Skeptics?

The study suggests that Machiavellians are drawn to cryptocurrency due to their inherent distrust of politicians and government agencies. But is skepticism towards entities known for corruption truly a negative trait? Perhaps, in the crypto world, Machiavellians are the trailblazers ushering in a new era of financial transparency and autonomy. After all, distrusting the traditional power structures may just be a sign of forward-thinking independence.

Expanding on this, one could argue that Machiavellians are not merely skeptics; they are savvy strategists navigating a landscape fraught with uncertainty. Their calculated approach to achieving goals might just be the type of mindset needed to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency successfully. Could it be that these individuals are not impulsive risk-takers but rather methodical thinkers carefully weighing the risks and rewards of this decentralized frontier?

  1. Narcissistic Notions: Confidence or Overconfidence?

The study posits that narcissists are more likely to invest in cryptocurrency due to their positive outlook on life. But let’s ponder for a moment: is having confidence in the future and believing in personal improvement a negative trait? In a space as volatile as cryptocurrency, a healthy dose of optimism might just be the driving force needed to weather the storms of market fluctuations.

Could it be that narcissists bring a much-needed positive energy to the crypto world, propelling innovation and growth? After all, the journey of a cryptocurrency investor is often filled with highs and lows, and a steadfast belief in personal success might be the very fuel that keeps them going.

  1. Psychopathic Portfolios: Impulsivity or Calculated Risk?

The study argues that impulsive psychopaths are attracted to cryptocurrency due to their fear of missing out on potential rewards. However, what if their impulsivity is not a reckless abandonment of reason but rather a calculated risk-taking approach? In the dynamic and fast-paced realm of cryptocurrency markets, one could argue that it takes a certain level of calculated impulsivity to seize opportunities and navigate the ever-changing landscape.

Perhaps, instead of viewing psychopathic traits as a hindrance, we should recognize them as attributes that enable individuals to thrive in an environment where adaptability and quick decision-making are paramount. Could it be that these impulsive psychopaths are not driven by irrational fear but rather by a keen awareness of the potential rewards awaiting those who dare to venture into the crypto space?

  1. Sadistic Speculators: Pleasure from Pain or Fear of Missing Out?

The study suggests that sadists are drawn to cryptocurrency to revel in the potential suffering of others. However, this assertion seems to stretch the limits of credibility. Could it be that these so-called sadists are simply individuals who don’t want to miss out on the financial gains that others are experiencing?

In the pursuit of financial success, the fear of missing out (FOMO) is a universal experience, not exclusive to those with a sadistic streak. Perhaps, instead of attributing sinister motives to crypto enthusiasts, we should acknowledge that the desire to partake in the financial benefits of the crypto boom is a shared sentiment, driven by a mix of curiosity, opportunity, and yes, perhaps a bit of FOMO.

Final words:

While the study attempts to correlate cryptocurrency enthusiasts with the “dark tetrad” personality traits, it is essential to remember that motivations for entering the crypto space are diverse and multifaceted. Before casting a shadow over an entire community based on psychological traits, let’s appreciate the complexity and innovation that the crypto world brings. The heroes of this narrative may have traits that the study deems “dark,” but in the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency, every hero is bound to have a touch of complexity.


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