Bitcoin’s Pre-Bull Market and the Shifting Dominance Dynamics


As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, investors and enthusiasts alike are closely observing Bitcoin’s price action in November, which many believe is a pre-bull market phase. The anticipation is palpable, with a potential full-blown bull market looming, especially considering the impact of the halving and the potential catalyst of ETF approval.

Bitcoin’s Pre-Bull Market

Bitcoin, often referred to as digital gold, has historically exhibited cyclical behavior marked by bull and bear markets. At present, the market sentiment suggests that Bitcoin is in a pre-bull phase, indicated by a yellow flag for investors. This pre-bull market condition is crucial, as it sets the stage for what could be a significant upward movement in the cryptocurrency’s value.

The Halving Impact

The halving, a programmed event that occurs approximately every four years, is a fundamental aspect of Bitcoin’s design. It involves a reduction in the reward that miners receive for validating transactions, effectively slowing down the creation of new Bitcoins. Historically, halvings have been associated with bull markets, as the reduced supply often coincides with increased demand, driving up the price.

Bitcoin ETF Approval Potential

Another factor adding to the excitement is the possibility of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) approval. An ETF could provide institutional investors with a regulated and accessible way to enter the cryptocurrency market, potentially bringing a surge of capital and mainstream acceptance. If approved, this could expedite Bitcoin’s journey into a full-blown bull market.

Bitcoin Dominance Shifting Dynamics

One noteworthy trend is the dropping dominance of Bitcoin within the overall cryptocurrency market. Traditionally, Bitcoin has held a dominant position, often comprising the majority of the total market capitalization. However, current conditions suggest a shift in dynamics as Bitcoin’s dominance wanes, making space for the rise of alternative cryptocurrencies (alts) and microcaps.

The ideal scenario for many investors is a slow bleed or chop in Bitcoin’s value, allowing altcoins and microcaps to flourish. This diversification and growth in other segments of the market can contribute to a healthier overall ecosystem. This trend may signify a broader acceptance and adoption of blockchain technology beyond Bitcoin.

The expectation is that 2024 will bring about a reset in the market dynamics. Bitcoin may regain its dominance, leading to renewed upward momentum. This cyclicality is a characteristic feature of the cryptocurrency market, with periods of consolidation followed by explosive growth.

As we witness the pre-bull market conditions, the impact of halving, and the potential ETF approval, the enthusiasm  is growing in the crypto market and new capital is flowing into the crypto markets. A market that after flushing the bad actors is setting the stage for a reset and repeat cycle that could define the cryptocurrency landscape in the coming years.


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