Bitcoin Open Interest Surges to Highest Level Since 2022: Implications for Price Ahead


The recent resurgence of Bitcoin’s price to levels reminiscent of the beginning of the year has been accompanied by notable growth in the coin’s open interest. This metric, which reflects the amount of capital invested in Bitcoin derivatives, often serves as a harbinger for the future trajectory of Bitcoin’s price.

As per the latest on-chain data, Bitcoin’s open interest has experienced a rapid ascent across various exchanges in tandem with the recent price surge. Data from CryptoQuant indicates that the open interest has surpassed $11.68 billion as of February 9th, representing its highest level since May 2022, coinciding with the collapse of the Terra Luna ecosystem.

A pseudonymous analyst, in a CryptoQuant Quicktake post, provided insights into this surge in open interest and its potential implications for Bitcoin’s price. While acknowledging that the uptick in open interest could indicate a short-term overheating, the analyst countered this notion by highlighting the current funding rate.

The funding rate, a periodic payment between long and short traders to maintain the perpetual contract price close to the spot price of Bitcoin, plays a crucial role in assessing market sentiment. Despite the positive funding rate indicating long traders paying shorts, the analyst argued that it does not suggest significant overheating. This sentiment echoes a balanced market scenario akin to the steady rally observed in October-November 2023.

Nevertheless, the analyst cautioned against a sudden spike in the Bitcoin funding rate, particularly to levels as high as 0.05, as it could trigger a long squeeze. This phenomenon, characterized by long traders liquidating their positions to mitigate losses, typically leads to a rapid decline in the asset’s price.

In essence, the surge in open interest represents a favorable development for Bitcoin’s price, especially considering historical trends indicating a correlation between Bitcoin’s value and its open interest.

As of the time of writing, Bitcoin’s price hovers slightly above $47,200, reflecting a 4% increase over the past day.


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