Argentine State-Owned Company Ventures into Bitcoin Mining Utilizing Stranded Gas


Genesis Digital Assets Limited (GDA), a prominent figure in the global Bitcoin mining scene, has joined forces with YPF Luz, a subsidiary of Argentina’s state-owned energy enterprise YPF. Together, they’ve established a groundbreaking Bitcoin mining facility that leverages an unconventional energy source: stranded gas from oil fields.

Located in Rincón de Los Sauces within Neuquén province, this facility repurposes what would otherwise be wasted gas into a potent energy reservoir for the intensive computational processes driving Bitcoin mining.

Powered by the Bajo del Toro Thermal Power Plant, a collaboration between YPF, Norwegian energy titan Equinor, and YPF Luz, the facility boasts a total power capacity of 7 megawatts (MW) with an additional 1 MW of backup power, housing 1,200 Bitcoin mining machines.

The innovation lies in the utilization of stranded gas—natural gas released during oil extraction but often left unused due to logistical or economic constraints. Traditionally, this gas is flared into the atmosphere, contributing significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. However, this facility transforms this environmental liability into an asset, generating electricity and effectively harnessing a previously squandered resource.

Studies, including research from MIT, indicate that employing methods like those adopted by GDA can curtail carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions by 25% to 63%, crucial given methane’s status as a potent greenhouse gas.

Abdumalik Mirakhmedov, Executive President and Founder of GDA, highlighted the project’s environmental and operational merits, expressing its significance as GDA’s inaugural data center in South America and emphasizing Bitcoin mining’s potential for positive environmental impact and community integration.

Strategically, Argentina’s abundance of energy resources, favorable political environment, and burgeoning crypto culture position it as an ideal locale for such initiatives. High inflation rates have driven locals toward cryptocurrencies as a hedge against economic volatility, further enhancing the project’s relevance.

Martín Mandarano, CEO of YPF Luz, underscored the project’s alignment with Argentina’s energy objectives, emphasizing YPF Luz’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Having previously pioneered electricity generation for cryptocurrency mining from flare gas in 2022, YPF Luz stands as a pioneer in innovative energy endeavors.

For GDA, this project marks a significant expansion, adding to its portfolio of 20 industrial-scale data centers across the Americas, Europe, and Central Asia. With a combined power capacity exceeding 500 MW globally, GDA continues to push boundaries in integrating renewable and waste-derived energy sources into Bitcoin mining operations, solidifying its stature as a key player in the industry.


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