Analysis of Bitcoin’s Potential Bull Run Formation Based on Historical Patterns


Recent on-chain data analysis suggests that Bitcoin may be exhibiting a pattern historically associated with significant bull runs in the cryptocurrency market.

Shift in Behavior of Bitcoin Long-Term Holders

Market intelligence platform IntoTheBlock has observed a noteworthy shift in the behavior of long-term holders (LTHs) of Bitcoin, defined as investors who have maintained their Bitcoin holdings for at least one year without engaging in any transactions. This behavior is indicative of previous bull markets in Bitcoin’s history.

It is essential to note that while IntoTheBlock defines LTHs based on a one-year holding period, other analytics firms utilize different thresholds, typically ranging from five to six months.

LTHs, often regarded as steadfast participants in the market, demonstrate a propensity to retain their holdings even amid market uncertainties or lucrative profit-taking opportunities.

Tracking Hodler Behavior

One method to monitor hodler behavior is by assessing the collective Bitcoin balance held in their wallets over time. The recent trend in the total Bitcoin balance of LTHs reveals a notable development.

Chart Analysis

The provided chart illustrates a consistent upward trajectory in Bitcoin hodlers’ balance since the conclusion of the 2021 bull run. However, a recent reversal in this trend is discernible.

It is crucial to interpret increases in this metric accurately. Rather than signifying immediate buying activity, these increases denote Bitcoin purchases made a year earlier, now maturing into the LTH category.

Conversely, when hodlers engage in selling, their holdings are immediately reset to zero age, effectively removing them from the LTH cohort.

Recent Selling Behavior

Notably, recent data indicates a disposition towards selling among LTHs. Analysis from the analytics firm reveals a reduction of approximately 200,000 BTC from LTHs’ collective balances since the start of the year, spanning nearly three consecutive months of net decreases.

Historical Parallel

This selling behavior bears resemblance to a similar pattern observed during the onset of the 2021 bull run, as highlighted by IntoTheBlock’s analysis. During that period, LTHs ceased accumulation and initiated selling, echoing the current scenario.

Comparative Analysis

Throughout the 2021 bull run, Bitcoin hodlers reduced their holdings by 15%. In contrast, during the ongoing rally, LTHs have thus far shed approximately 1.5% of their reserves.

At the time of reporting, Bitcoin’s price stands around the $51,000 mark, representing a 2% decline over the past week.

The observed shift in behavior among Bitcoin’s long-term holders, coupled with historical patterns reminiscent of previous bull runs, suggests a potential formation of a bullish trajectory for Bitcoin. Let us know your opinion in the comments below.


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