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Privacy in crypto

Privacy in crypto has always been a hot topic ever since the inception of blockchain and crypto. The pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was indicated to bring to the digital world an anonymous, fast, less costly, permissionless transaction across the globe. The growth of crypto simultaneously contributed to the growth of many crypto-related platforms providing several services. Majority of them however requires some details which therefore has led to the rampant compromised privacy issues in crypto. Moving forward, several other types of crypto emerged to solve the privacy issue, hence the rise of privacy coins.

Do people need privacy in crypto?

Crypto users however may want to use privacy on existing trusted coins (the reason why volumes of transactions of privacy on Bitcoin has been constantly higher than volume of transaction by privacy coins), and not switch to privacy coins of which many are questionable. This further led to the inception of mixers or tumblers. These privacy service providers help make tracing difficult as coins are shuffled with other coins and sent out from new addresses. Tracing back to the original sending address therefore becomes very difficult and near to impossible. Mixing coins obfuscating tracing also prevents attackers from targeting you and stealing your assets.

The Bitcoin Mixer

Bitcoinmix is an example of a platform that does such. It provides you with one of the best privacy services on Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). This tumbler differs from many others such that you don’t have to create any account to use it. Operations are automatic and requires no collection of data. You don’t have to login with any details. You only input your destination address and the time limit. No emails are collected and user logs are as well not stored.

Does it really work?

Bitcoinmix actually works and it’s been used by many people to shuffle their coins. As of the time of this writing, 0.02 BTC have been already shuffled by the Bitcoin tumbler.

Benefits of using Bitcoinmix

As indicated earlier, Bitcoin Mixer uses privacy to give you privacy. You don’t need to give out your personal details in order to use it. It is anonymous, operations are automatic and user logs are not stored.

It also comes with a compensation plan for users. You can earn on Bitcoinmix as an affiliate marketer since using your referral link. Bitcoinmix shares up to 50-65% of commissions from each partner’s participants, and payouts are instant.

Low fees. Bitcoinmix charges very low as compared to many of its competitors. You can shuffle your coins for as low as 2% for each transaction on Bitcoinmix.

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