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Isn’t it a challenging part to discover and utilize the best trading platform? Even if you sort it out, will you be able to find out your favorite tool, which you have already used and comfortable enough to trade? Do you have any idea about its security, reliability, and loyalty, and the price it requires?

That’s the reason for coming up with this review. This will assist you in picking the best platform among the ocean of fake advertisements. Read before your ride.

To revealing this PrimeXBT review, the main focus is to enlighten you about its features, signup, and how to start the trading.

A Brief About PrimeXBT

This is the trending cryptocurrency platform, and it has been awarded the best bitcoin-based platform ever. Some more award wings were added in its feathers like Best Cryptocurrency and Forex Broker, Best Crypto Trading App by Forex Awards, and winner of Garnering for the best bitcoin Margin Trading Station by the prestigious ADVFN Awards.

Let’s Focus on How to Register There

Registration is as simple as plug and play. It only requires your country and email address for a new user, nothing else, no personal details and all. You can make your first deposit by creating your first account within a minute.

You can use the free demo account also. Your data and capital both will be secured here. Trading has the risk factor, so, naturally, your capital will be put at risk when you start trading. But the platform features and the tools will work on behalf of you and reduce the risk factor.

Check Out the Method of Depositing the Amount

All accounts are designate by BTC, and deposits have to be made at the BTC address. The lowest deposit you can make is 0.001 BTC. BTC is used for all security purposes.

You can make funds after the 3 minimum Bitcoin deposits. You can go for some additional deposit methods like altcoins or flat pay using the third-party service, I.e., Changelly.

Once you successfully deposited, the trading account will show funded. This tool helps to separate the capital from the current available margin balance. Along with that, you will get two more new features like Covesting and Turbo that will show both the balance independent in your wallet.

How to Withdraw the Balance?

The withdrawal method is simple, and you just need to remember to send it to another BTC address. Otherwise, it will be a loss case of funding.

Withdrawals are rollover once a day. The possibility of your pending withdrawal cancelation happens only the rollover is not successfully approved.

Let us Focus on The Trading Instruments and Tools

PrimeXBT provides approx. 1000X leverage facility on commodities, forex, cryptocurrencies, and Stock markets.

FX Currencies provided 25 major offers along with new currencies. All Forex, Silver including Gold, you can trade up to 1000X.

Twelve different stock markets, including natural gas, Crude oil, Brent by CFDs offered for trading up to 100X.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, and Ripple are provided trading pairs against USA and BTC upto 100X.

Your assets can be traded using a short or long period so that the traders can get a profit without depending on the market’s situation. The take-profit orders and stop-loss orders help you to enable short and long risk. These types of advance orders you can use after making a trade.

PrimeXBT features like charts, technical utilities, indicators, and strategic planning and execution available here. If you want to speak about execution, this platform offers a user-friendly feature; simply enter the positions by clicking on the chart.

Users can customize the interface with numerous widgets, and it will allow them to trade according to their customization.

Here Are the Highlights of Fee Structure

This platform, PrimeXBT, keeps the best and nominal fees than anywhere.

Comparing all bitcoin trading pairs, the price is only 0.05%. But the Forex price so low, like 0.001%.

If you are an active trader and a good gamer, you can take advantage of this fee system along with 50% discount. You can notice a method in the account section to track the discount tier’s status, which starts from 25% to 50% off.

Refer and Earn Commission

According to the leaderboard, the traders of this platform already initiate 50 BTC alone. This was only possible by the four-level referral program. A referral is a chain, so whenever you refer someone and bring back the trader in this platform, you will always get a new commission on each new referral. Even if you refer person brings a new member, that time you also get the commission.

You can get CPA offers also, like ambassador relationships, along with personal customer care support.

Some Extra Features of PrimeXBT

Being a user of this platform, you can get a break from the quo status. Recently they launched a new synthetic Bitcoin feature named TURBO. These short duration UP/DOWN contracts stay 30 sec, 1 minute, or 5 minutes only, and this way, you can earn 90% profits.

This must be inspiring and encouraging too. But remember, there is quite a chance of losing all the capital using these sorts of contracts. So, it is only useful with the individual traders who have high command and strong trading knowledge.

This tool is useful enough to get a possible revenue without expecting a high percentage. Another new beta tool is launched, known as Covesting Fund Management Module. This service connects investors with the fund managers so that both can gain profit together.

Final Words

Being a PrimeXBT member, you can benefit from all the price movements and utilize that upto 1000x on bitcoin, forex, commodities, and the stock market.

You don’t need to do the KYC or nominee to deposit. Within 60 sec, you can complete your account registration. Just give it a try and enjoy the spark of trading with high and immediate profit and earning.


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