Interview with Cesar Barmejo, EXPO R&M Founder


We will share with you some insights from EXPO R&M founder and beneficiary Cesar Barmejo. DailyCoinPost was given the opportunity to interview the famed entrepreneur about this topic.

DailyCoinPost: People these days send funds via Paypal or regular crypto wallets. Apparently, this type of service is already available. What is the number one reason why EXPO was created? What problem/issue can it address? What is its mission?

Cesar Barmejo: The number one reason for creating EXPO Pay was to offer a unified digital payments solution for online businesses around the world. We seek to create modern digital service that combines the flexibility, the individuality and precision with the relaxed natural user experience. Our solutions provide unprecedented stability and performance that allows our main clientele — cryptocurrency exchanges & online shops — to accept cryptocurrency without limitations.

What we value the most is EXPO Pay’s advanced technology that allows us to provide users with the most cutting-edge solutions for digital payments. Therefore, we see it as our mission to deliver the best user experience under modern standards, which also includes numerous implementation methods and individual support for each and every client.

DailyCoinPost: How do you encourage the audience to use your services? Please tell us what makes EXPO better than its competitors.

Cesar Barmejo: First of all, EXPO is a holding company that provides a great number of engaging digital products. EXPO R&M ecosystem is concentrated around our first project — EXPO Pay, which is a cryptocurrency e-payment solution. Having released that product in 2017, we have since been focused on surrounding our users with a fully comprehensible and deeply explorable ecosystem to utilize in their daily life: from mobile wallet apps & exchange services to banking and our own OS.

We’re striving to be everyone’s daily companion in the age of digital finance. However, it is the concept of our products which will drive users to spend more time engaged in our ecosystem. We believe that by utilizing the user rewards system which is currently implemented in EXPO Plan and Shares, we can retain engaged users and attract new audiences — all while giving extra profits to our users.

DailyCoinPost: Talking about your products, how does EXPO Pay work? What do users need to use your payment system solution? Discuss to us the technical side of demand.

Cesar Barmejo: Our offer is a merchant solution that consists of a set of state-of-art APIs and allows users to quickly integrate an option to pay with cryptocurrencies at their website and receive notifications each time they have a payment made.

From a user’s perspective, all you need is to create a merchant at the EXPO Pay website, implement this solution to your website by adding a couple lines of code and Bam! — you’re ready to start accepting payments from all around the world. I’m pretty proud to say that at this point we have already partnered with several large crypto exchanges and our architecture allows us to easily maintain great transaction flow. However, we do not limit ourselves to being a payment system only. 

DailyCoinPost: Can you share to us the future plans of the company? What do you think is the future of payment solutions and tech products? Am I right to say that EXPO is actually designed for the future market?

Cesar Barmejo: Our current mid-term goal is to expand our ecosystem and grow our technical reach to all devices worldwide, for every local market and user in the world. WE’re reaching these goals with our products — the most recent one, EXPO Mobile Wallet, is already available for download. I’d like to also share that we’re already on the finish line with our next product — EXPO Messenger, which will be released shortly during Q4 2020. I’m proud to state that this is by far one of the most secure messaging solutions overall, thanks to privacy-focused features implemented by our engineers.

But the main aim, of course for right now, is to become the leading tech company in the digital payments sphere and reach the market cap of $1,000,000. You will also be hearing from us on several occasions and announcements throughout 2021. One of the steps we have to take in order to dominate the fintech market is to make a move into the banking sphere, get a banking license and become the first independent mobile bank that accepts crypto as main currencies.

EXPO R&M is definitely designed to satisfy what we think will be the needs of the market of the future. It combines the most convenient features of fiat payment services, with the most unique characteristics we know and love from cryptocurrency. 

We predict that the market will very much consolidate regarding the number of digital products users in the upcoming years. Apart from that, there will be major changes to all areas of finance, mainly driven by the rapidly changing demands and behaviour of consumers, which has been affected by the pandemic. 

DailyCoinPost: Well, it was a pleasure for us to host you. Thank you for coming and sharing this info with us!


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